Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli is one of the oldest and most prestigious schools pizza in Italy and was founded in 1988. With over 20 schools worldwide have Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli certified pizza chefs from around the world. Graziano Bertuzzo is a real pizza chef-legend and he is also the head instructor at the Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli's school.


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Tony Gemignani is the first Master Instructor in the United States and students have the opportunity to become certified in the classic Italian pizza baking, Roman pizza baking or pizza baking in Teglia. Pan Pizzas international school for pizza baking and the United States school for pizza baking will offer special courses throughout the year in authentic Neapolitan, New York style, Chicago style, the California style, and New Haven style pizza baking. Special non-professional courses will also be available for home cooks.

All courses follow the strict guidelines and theory from the Scuola Italiana Pizzaoli. Tony Gemignani is a pizza-world champion and President of the World Pizza Champions Inc. Tony is the first competitor in pizzabakningens history to win both acrobatic and baking titles in Italy's World Cup. He is the author of the cookbook Pizza and is inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Tony has won more world titles and international awards than any other competitor.


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Napole USA Canda Italy is a nonprofit organization that was founded in the mid-1980s by a group of Neapolitan "pizzaiolis" (pizza manufacturing makers) who teaches the culinary art of making authentic Neapolitan pizzas. June 1984 founded association officially as the enforcers (DOC) by the Italian government. The association controls and ensure that only those pizzerias that meet certain prescribed requirements and respects the tradition and art of creating Neapolitan pizzas receive a special designation (AVPN), as proof that they comply with these requirements. Chairman Antonio Pace.


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Napoli Culinary Academy is a non-profit organization offering Diplomas in the Culinary Arts Management Program in addition to providing educational services for the community in many ways such as through the SETA (Sacramento Employment and Training Agency), private scholarships to assist members of our community and low-cost programs for those in need.



Café Napoli was founded in 1992, by Hassi Sadri. Mr. Sadri's nationally recognized restaurant, Cafe Napoli appeared on the cover of Pizza Today Magazine in 1993, making the restaurant one of the Top 100 Unique Restaurants In The Nation. Since then, Napoli has received numerous accolades for the Best Restaurant in the Sacramento area. Café Napoli quickly became Sacramento's premiere hot-spot. It has been the place to go to for mouth-watering gourmet dishes and who to contact for the best event catering in town, having catered everyone from the Governor's office to exclusive local weddings.



Mr. Sadri has an extensive national and international background in the Culinary Arts. He has a PhD in Industrial Management and experience ranging from being the Director of Food & Beverage of a premiere Hotel Casino in Reno, General Manager of a Las Vegas Hotel, Restaurant Management, Hotel Consulting of a prestigious hotel in London, Industrial Kitchen design in Austria to being the founder of the popular Café Napoli in Sacramento. Mr. Sadri's talent as a nationally recognized gourmet chef and his very popular, Café Napoli were recognized many times throughout the years with various accolades in the Sacramento area. This exposure and recognition inspired him to open the academy.



PIZZA SCHOOL.ES SPAIN was born in Spain by Massimo Quondamatteo and Stefano Cossignani; we define Gastronomic Advisors to 360º since we cover from the Professional Training of high level in Pizza, Bakery and Pastry (Levitated) to the Advice in Openings and / or Optimization of Restaurants, Pizza, Centers of Productions and Industry.

More than 25 years of experience in the Spanish Market in addition to a lengthy International career with more than 100 openings and follow-ups of restaurants / pizzerias throughout the planet have led us to have in our client portfolio signatures of National and International importance.


Pizza Academy aims to provide professional pizza makers throughout the Nordic region the opportunity to immerse themselves in their subjects.


We are sponsored by Italmill, PizzaMaster and Casa Italia, which together have a mission to give all Nordic pizzerias the opportunity to give their customers the ultimate flavor, through science and tradition.


We regularly offer courses aimed at the experienced pizza maker, but also those who are brand new in the subject. The courses will cover both theory and practice, to give the participants the opportunity to enter into a professional discussion about the underlying mechanisms that make a pizza and scrocchiarella for both art and science. Our Italian pizza specialists Tiziano Casillo and Pietro Tallarini from the Italian "Accademia Pizzaioli", as well as Casa Italia's own developers are both for teaching and subsequently available with their expertise.